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It is a hot property in the United States to make documentaries on behind-the-scenes footage in the NFL. And it looks as if the Premier League is also heading in the same direction.

According to the Daily Mail, internet production houses like Netflix and Amazon have approached a series of Premier League clubs for making documentaries about life at the club.

Both the companies have approached the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United in order for the behind-the-scenes footage rights. While Liverpool and their owners have shown an interest in the project, the other three clubs have refused to go ahead with it – claiming that can produce their own documentaries if they wanted to.

Liverpool though think this is a good idea and their owners FSG are of the view that something could be done with this project.


The Merseyside Reds already had a documentary called Being: Liverpool which showed the training and preparation of then manager Brendan Rodgers during the pre-season of 2012/13.

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