Manchester United recently suffered a defeat at the hands of Real Madrid in the Super Cup. The Los Blancos defeated Jose Mourinho’s men 2-1 and one of the players that tormented the United defenders was Isco. The 25-year-old was easily one of the best players on the pitch as he ran riot in and around United’s penalty box.

But a stunning report from ESPN has now claimed that the Red Devils had a chance to sign up the player back in 2013. According to the report, Sir Alex Ferguson had sent out a scout to assess Isco who was at that point of time playing for Malaga.
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And after following the attacking midfielder for a couple of games, the scout reported that he was good enough to play for Manchester United.

The actual report according to ESPN read, “He’s good, but not quite quick enough and his head is too big for his body,”

It is believed that Manchester United decided not to go after Isco after this report. But why did United actually reject Isco? Was it because he was not quick enough or was it because his head was too big for his body? We may never know.