Marouane Fellaini came on a substitute for Manchester United during the club’ Super Cup match against Real Madrid. The big Belgian came on for Ander Herrera and played with all his conviction and soul. He put in his 100 percent and so much so that he had to play a good chunk of the match with a bandaged head – after suffering a head injury.

United ultimately went on to lose the match and all the Red supporters were heart broken. But then the Belgian International decided to tweet a picture of his from the match and no one has been able to stop laughing ever since then.

This is that famous tweet:

The Social world immediately picked up on this tweet and started molding and remolding it as per their imagination.

Here are some best ‘Fellaini-face’ moments:

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An artist decided to it one step further and immortalize it as a graffiti in Melbourne, Australia.

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