When Barcelona sold off Neymar to PSG they received a great deal of money and they were pretty clear with what they were going to do with it – find a replacement for Neymar. And everyone thought that it was Philippe Coutinho who was going to replace his fellow Brazilian at Barcelona. But Liverpool up until now remain quite adamant that they will not be parting ways with their star player – no matter how much money is put on the table.

And Liverpool have even reached a point where their owner had to release an official statement on Friday claiming that the club will not be selling Coutinho.

Now Barcelona might just have come to understand the fact that the transfer window is coming to a close and they have made no significant progress in the deal. So now it is being reported that the Catalan giants have scrapped the idea of signing Coutinho and shifted their focus to Tottenham Hotspur’s Christian Eriksen. Barcelona have seemingly been quite impressed with the Danish International’s link-up play and they feel that he will be a perfect fit into their system.
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But having said that getting hands on Christian Eriksen will be a hell lot tougher than signing Coutinho given the fact that Daniel Levy is not much of a seller. Eriksen signed a new four-year contract with the London club back in September of last year and this will make things much more complicated for Barcelona. This is why the Spanish giants are thinking of place a bid which is in excess of £100 million just to tempt Levy. Barcelona feel that every player has a price and with £100 million up for grabs, Daniel Levy might just release Erisken from his shackles.

In theory, this might look achievable but pratically it will a totally different ball game especially when Spurs are yet to make any sort of signing in this summer’s transfer window. So the last thing that Mauricio Pochettinho will want to do is let go of players from his current squad. But Barcelona will still see a glimmer of hope given the fact that Spurs have sold Kyle Walker this summer for a price of £50 million to Manchester City.