Indian football today fell to a new level of low after many of the East Bengal players had to make their own arrangements to return to Kolkata.

According to Sportskeeda, this came after the club management failed to make proper travel arrangements from Cuttack. East Bengal had lost to Mohun Bagan in the semi-finals of the Federation Cup. And thus they were scheduled to return back to Kolkata. But the team management failed to book any air tickets for the players.

Feeling insulted with the situation many senior players decided to make their own travel arrangements to return back to Kolkata. Players like Mehtab Hossain, Arnab Mondal, and Narayan Das traveled in non-reserved train compartments to return back. Narayan Das was also seen sitting in front of the lavatory.

After the East Bengal management came to know of the situation, they quickly booked a bunch of Innovas to bring back the remaining players to Kolkata. It has also been heard that the East Bengal players bumped into a lot of Mohun Bagan supporters on the train. And the supporters graciously offered their own seats to the players.

This type of incident is something that has caused a huge amount of uproar among every football supporter. And since coming into the limelight the photos have gone viral in various social media circuits.