Tottenham Hotspur host Chelsea at the Wembley in Gameweek 2. And this London Derby is officially the first big cracker of the new season.

While Chelsea been trying really hard to maintain that fine balance between buying players and selling them off, Spurs too have to deal with a few problems of their own. While the Chelsea board have made a few blunders by selling players to direct rivals, Spurs, on the other hand, have found it really difficult to sign players this summer.

But having said that, we will all agree unanimously the fact that both the London outfits are spear headed by two top class strikers – Harry Kane and Alvaro Morata. While the Englishman has turned to be one of the best strikers in England – winning back to back golden boots, Morata on the other hands has been on a trophy collecting spree – winning eight during his stints at Juventus and Real Madrid.

So we take a look at who is better, and who can potentially bring home the three points for their respective clubs:


Harry Kane played 30 games in the Premier League last season and managed to score 29 goals. That means the English International managed to average almost one goal per match. Morata, on the other hand, played 26 matches for Real in the Spanish first division and found the back of the net 15 times. While his record is not that great when compared to Kane’s but it is no small a feat when you consider the fact that most of the previous season, Morata was playing second fiddle to Benzema.

When it comes to total shots taken, Harry Kane comes out on top yet again with 110 shots throughout the season while Morata is quite a bit away with 54. So clearly Harry Kane is the type of player who likes to have a go at the goal with every opportunity he gets. But we can’t also blame Morata for not taking too many shots, simply because Real Madrid are a team who like to score well-crafted goals.

When Alvaro Morata arrived at Chelsea everyone was talking about how good a team player he was. Everyone kept on saying that he focuses more on team play rather than going out and thinking only about scoring goals. But you will a bit shocked to see that when it comes to team play Harry Kane is quite clearly the winner. Kane had made a total of 34 key passes during the last season while Morata managed a mere 13. Alvaro Morata made a total of 125 forward passes during his 26 games while Kane managed 333 forward passes for Spurs.


Even though a striker’s defensive qualities are not a scale on which he should be judged but when a team is doing that last gasp defending, a striker’s role in his own penalty box plays quite a major role.

Harry Kane has made six interceptions throughout the 30 games that he has played in the previous season of the League while Morata has managed to make exactly half of it. Kane has also won sixteen tackles while the Spaniard comes close with 12 successful tackles. So it is quite evident that Kane is a bit more defensively apt that Alvaro Morata.


From the above stats, we can clearly see that Harry Kane is a better striker that Alvaro Morata – atleast on paper. But out there on the pitch, it’s a totally different ball game.