Manchester United are arguably one of the most decorated footballing clubs in the whole of Europe. And down the line, they have made countless transfers that have gone on to shine on the world stage.

But if we manage to dig deeper into the wormhole we will notice that United also have a history of making bad signings. Signings that have turned out to be duds. Think of Forlan, Veron, Kleberson. All of them were supposed to be the next big thing at United. But somehow they failed with a flurry.

And it looks as if Man United are on the verge of making perhaps their biggest mistake in recent times. They might actually look to offer De Gea to Real Madrid, in order to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford.

Yes, we all understand that the supporters of United just adore Ronaldo. He is their favourite son. But selling their biggest asset in order to bring back their past hero just does not make sense.

Ronaldo is ageing:

Last time we checked the boy wonder was now 32 years old. Yes, he has turned into a beast from a boy. But to be very honest he probably has a couple of more seasons left in him.

And on the other hand, there’s David De Gea. A 26-year-old who is currently at the top of his game. Probably the second best in Europe after Neuer. He has atleast 10 more seasons left in him before the performance graph starts to dip towards the dungeons. United have wasted a couple of seasons on the once timid little Spaniard and have turned him into a pillar. And now they want to present De Gea to Real Madrid on a silver plate. Makes no sense at all.

United’s love affair with goalkeepers:

United have this bad habit of producing world class keepers every now and then. And unfortunately, the next ones just cannot live up to the expectations. Remember Peter Schmeichel? His reputation alone was enough to engulf the careers of Barthez and Tim Howard.

Then came Edwin Van der Sar, United next world class keeper after Peter. And after his departure, everyone thought that United were going to suffer the same fate. But they were lucky to have got David De Gea. They have fed and bred him into a war machine, capable of withstanding almost every attack. And now United wish to hand him over without any kind of resistance. Well, De Gea is not an olive branch and neither he is the pigeon.

If United sell De Gea to Real Madrid, then his heir to the throne will not come easy, let me tell you that. In the era of inflated markets, United might just have to break the bank in order to get the services of a decent enough keeper.

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