Man Utd are on the verge of signing Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid. The deal is said to be completed within the following week as United wait for Morata to return from his honeymoon.

United are reportedly coughing out somewhere between €60 million to €70 million for the Spanish International. But the big question is. Is he really worth that much? While some feel that United are paying too much. Others say that in today’s market good players just do not come cheap.

But we just won’t be surprised if Morata turns out to be a flop. After all, United do have a long history of players who promised much but delivered nothing.

We look at 3 of the worst signings by Man Utd. But no one really talks about them.

1. Eric Djemba-Djemba

The fist in our list for worst signings by Man Utd is Eric Djmeba-Djemba.Djemba-Djemba was so bad that they named him twice. Well, that was the joke that did the rounds during his days at Old Trafford.

Djemba-Djemba was so bad that they named him twice. Well, that was the joke that did the rounds during his days at Old Trafford.

Dubbed as the next Roy Keane, Eric was anything but that. Signed in 2003 from Nantes for £3.5 million Ferguson wanted him to replace Keane. But the Cameroonian failed to live up to the expectations. He spent two highly unsuccessful seasons at United managing to make only 20 appearances.

But in 2005 Ferguson had seen enough, eventually selling him off to Aston Villa. And since leaving Old Trafford Djemba-Djemba has played for 11 different clubs. And last we heard he is currently showing his tricks and flicks at FC Vallorbe.

2. Kleberson

If you do a Google image search for Kleberson and Ronaldo, the first picture that you will come across is that of the two players standing beside Sir Alex. Whether you, believe it or not, Kleberson was a much bigger name in world football at the time the picture was taken.

Kleberson came to United in 2003 at the back of a super successful World Cup for Brazil. Scolari had described him as the driving force for Brazil’s success in the World Cup. And we could not have agreed more.

But luck was just not on Kleberson’s side. The Brazilian got injured in his second match for United and since then his career graph started dipping. Like Djemba-Djemba Kleberson also spent two seasons at United making only 30 appearences.

3. Bebe

The last player on our list of worst signings by Man Utd is from a rather recent memory. But we doubt if anyone remembers him. Such woeful were his performances.

Bebe was dubbed as the successor to Cristiano Ronaldo at United. But after four seasons with the club, he just turned out to be, well ‘Bebe.’ The Portuguese went through a really rough childhood. But his growth in football was rather fast and equally shocking.

United had reportedly paid €9 million for a player who had been rejected by a string of European clubs simply cause they had never heard of him. You think this is shocking? Well, United had actually paid £6.5 million for World Cup sensation Kleberson.

But we strongly believe Ferguson was tricked into this one as he signed the player on recommendations of his former assistant Carlos Queiroz. And the then United boss met the player for the first time before the day of the transfer.

But then, Bebe was Bebe. He spent four seasons with United making only 7 appearances for the club. Yes, 7 appearances in four seasons. And if you still think he is not bad then here is a bit of a trivia. Bebe has been playing professional football from 2009. And till date, he has managed to make only 189 appearances for all the clubs that he has played for.

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