Manchester City are set to sign youngster Eric Garcia for €1.5m from Barcelona according to Marca

The teenage sensation is represented by Ex-Barcelona legend Carlos Puyol and is considered a sensation at La Masia. But now the 16-year-old has chosen to move his future to Man City.

Garcia’s agent, Carlos Puyol has told Barcelona that the youngster wishes to leave the club in the summer in order to move to City. As the player feels that the youth structure at Man City is better than that of Barcelona.

This though comes as a huge blow for Barcelona as the club is set to lose yet another talented youngster to a rival club. In the past two decades, Barcelona have grown this unsual habit where they are just unable to hold on their youth products.

In 2003, Barcelona let go of Cesc Fabregas and last year they did the same with Marc Barta. While Fabregas did return back to Barcelona for a while but Barta now looks well and truly set at Borussia Dortmund. But this time around though, the Catalans are blaming Carlos Puyol for the deal. It has been reported that Barcelona are furious with their ex-captain as they feel that it is because of Puyol that Eric Garcia has decided to make the switch.

But no matter what the situation is at Barca, Pep Guardiola is definitely a very happy man. Guardiola will certainly be delighted to have Eric Garcia on board as the Spaniard looks to rebuild City from scratch. And he will certainly hope that Garcia can prove to be a long-term asset at the club.

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