Arsenal FC proudly announced on Thursday that Alexis Sanchez will be returning to training on Sunday. A piece of news that the Gooners fans have been wanting to hear for a very long time.

But now it looks like Sanchez has his heart set on a move out of the Emirates and he is in no mood of coming back to training. Sanchez took to Instagram recently and posted a photo of himself and one of his dogs. And the caption of that image was “Enfermo…sick.” – indicating the fact that the Chilean was not well.

Enfermo ????? sick ?????

A post shared by Alexis Sanchez (@alexis_officia1) on

And as soon as the 28-year-old put up the post Arsenal fans picked it up and it spread like wildfire. Since then the Chilean has faced a lot of backlash from the Gooners on various social media platforms. And all of them are claiming the exact same thing – Sanchez is faking sickness just cause he wants to move out of the club.

And to a point, the Arsenal fans may well have a case in their favour. Afterall Sanchez has been wanting to move out and join Manchester City for a rather long time. He has used several tactics – like asking for an absurd amount in the form of wages, refusing to sign a new contract. But each time Arsene Wenger has said the exact same thing – Sanchez is going nowhere.

So this ‘sick’ post might be the Chilean’s latest attempt to tell Wenger that he wants to move out of the club.

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