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Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur’s high profile game on Sunday ended with a scoreline of 2-2 and it was easily one of the most exciting games on the season up until now. But the match had its share of talking points – both on and off the pitch.

Liverpool went up 1-0 within the third minute of the game thanks to a wonderfully taken shot from Mo Salah and the scoreline remained that way until the 80th minute when Victor Wanyama scored an absolute thumping volley to level up the match. Harry Kane then won a penalty and could have sealed the match in favour of the Lilywhites but the English International was denied his 100th Premier League goal as his penalty was saved by Karius. It was Mo Salah who once again stepped up to the occasion and titled the match in favour of the Reds with an injury-time goal. It seemed that Liverpool had bagged all three points but there was one final twist left in the match. Virgil Van Dijk gave away a penalty and Harry Kane scored a 95th-minute equaliser to snatch a point. But this final penalty has for various reasons become the talking point after the match.

Well, firstly both the referee Jon Moss and his lineman were confused as to whether Eric Lamela – on whom the foul was committed was offside or not. Both the officials were clearly not sure about the decision and after a long debate, Moss weirdly decided to award the penalty despite not having enough evidence to support his decision.
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BBC’s Match of the Day’s highlights clearly suggested that the officials were in a dilemma.

MOTD show Moss saying to Smart(as reported by the Mirror): “I need to clarify if Lovren touched the ball, if he has it’s a deliberate action and therefore it’s a penalty.”

To which Smart responds: “I have no idea whether Lovren’s touched the ball to be honest with you,” before Moss adds: “I’m giving a penalty.”
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Now Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed what referee Jon Moss told him right after the match.

“I’m not allowed to go in the [referees’] room for half an hour after the game,” said the Liverpool boss.

“The first thing after the whistle he [the referee] comes to me and says he made a mistake, clear offside, unbelievable.

“I don’t know what they [the officials] were discussing.”