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By Higor Douglas (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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Manchester City might be flying high in the Premier League but it seems that their fans are having a tough time in coping up with all the new found fame.

While Twitter banters between fans of rival clubs are quite common but every once in a while one people forget where to draw the line. And such was the case with MCFC supporter Shane Burns.

Burns is a freelance multimedia journalist who covers Manchester City, Bundesliga and the Russian Premier League – as per his twitter bio. He is also associated with InsideMCFC. Yesterday Burns got involved with a girl on Twitter about a tackle debate but sadly enough the young journo decided to take it a bit too far and mocked the girl’s grandfather who is suffering from Leukaemia.

Shane Burns on Twitter
Shane Burns on Twitter 1
Shane Burns on Twitter
Shane Burns on Twitter 2

But as soon as he made the comment it received a huge backlash from fans – irrespective of which club they supported.

Burns though quickly realized his mistake and made an apology to the lady for mocking his grandfather who is battling cancer. He also decided to deactivate his Twitter account.