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enter Some of the Premiership, as well as Championship matches, have been postponed in due to heavy snowfall in Scotland which includes the Celtic FC vs Dundee game.

go As the Eastern beast is creating trouble for the ground staffs, it is becoming hard for them to maintain the stadiums. The Celtic FC vs Dundee match has been rescheduled on April 4, while the match between Hibs’ and Hamilton is rearranged on 3rd April and the kick-off timing is at 7:45 pm.

http://www.shyamtelecom.com/?siterko=demo-trading&a51=41 But the Celtic FC side will certainly not be too happy with the reschedule as they will now be facing Rangers FC in the Old Firm derby with just a six-point lead.

http://www.techhelpnumbers.com/font/290 If the Dundee game was played at its usual time then there was a huge possibility that Celtic FC would have gone into the Old Firm Derby with a comfortable 9 point lead.

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