The dark side of football: Former Man City coach found guilty of sexually abusing young players


Former football coach Barry Bennell has been found guilty of sexually abusing young players during his time at Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra.

The verdict was delivered by the London Crown Court after four weeks of trails where a number of victims revealed the horrors that they had to go through whilst they were training under Bennell.

Bennell abused the boys in his car while taking them to training and would also assault them under darkness in his bedroom.

The court also heard how Bennell used to play a game called ‘Follow Me’ where he would touch the boys inappropriately and would also urge the victims to do the same.

Barry Bennell would take his teams to a ‘haunted house’ in Wales and show them horror movies so that they would be more responsive to physical comfort, which would eventually lead to abuse.

The following offences took place between 1979-1990, while Bennell was working as a youth scout for Manchester City and a coach at Crewe Alexandra.

This though is not the first time he has been found guilty of such charges and has been jailed three times for offences against young footballers.

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