England boss Gareth Southgate has hinted that a few Premier League clubs are not sharing football data. And Man Utd are one of them.

The Football Association and the Premier League clubs signed a contract after the Euro 2016. And according to it, all the clubs have to share their football scientific data with the FA.

But it looks as if there are some teams who are not doing it. But having said that, they are not breaking the rules in any way.

Well, you see the clubs are required to provide data only during the season but not after the season had ended.

And this is where the England boss is having troubles. According to him, he has not been receiving data since the season has ended. And he feels that is a crucial time in determining a player’s fitness and stamina.

He also emphasized on the fact that due to this he is facing problems while selecting his squad for the Three Lions’ upcoming game against Scotland.According to Southgate, the teams are not sharing the data due to the fear that it might get leaked into the market.

And especially during the transfer window, any information on any player’s strengths and weaknesses will be nothing short of pure gold.