Antoine Griezmann has been subject to numerous transfer rumours. Every major news house and tabloid are claiming that he is going to join Man Utd in the summer.

But now, it looks as if Griezmann has dropped a hint that he might snub Manchester United.

Griezmann did a recent commercial shoot with a Chinese technology company. And in this commercial, he is seen rejecting a call from some guy named Jose to take a photo with a fan.

Is this commercial really in good humour or it is a hint from the Atleti man that he might not actually join United? Only time will tell.

But in the past, Griezmann himself said on a talk show that on a scale of 1 to 10 his chances of joining United a 6. This comment created a huge buzz in the media circuit and even Mourinho was asked to comment on it.

But now with this new commercial, it looks as if the Frenchman could have actually changed his mind.

You can see the commercial here: