Chelsea Football Club have released an official statement over the concerns that their supporters might have to make long distance travels during Christmas eve this year.

A few of the Premier League games are expected to be rescheduled in and around the Christmas time and it is being rumoured that Chelsea are one of those clubs who might face a reshuffle. This means that the Chelsea fans will have to make a long trip to Liverpool.

The Chelsea management understands these concerns and that is why the Stamford Bridge outfit have brought it to the notice of the Premier League clubs.

The TV schedules will be out during the coming week and that is when we will surely know if the Blues fans will have to travel to Liverpool or not.

The official statement read:

“The Chelsea Supporters Trust wrote to the club this week expressing its objections to fixtures being scheduled to be played on Christmas Eve, an idea they are opposed to ‘due to the inherent travel difficulties and disruption to what is regarded as sacrosanct family time’.

“The club is sympathetic to our supporters’ objections and it is a subject we have raised with the Premier League.”

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