The Champions League Anthem was written by English composer Tony Britten back in 1992 and since then that famous tune has been synonymous with every top-flight European fixture.

Now, something bizarre happened before the Manchester United vs CSKA Moscow game on Tuesday night.

For those who watched the match closely might have nothing that the Champions League anthem was not played before the match. And immediately the fans started losing their cool.

But now the real reason has been revealed and we can assure you that it’s a bit bizarre.

According to BT Sport’s Des Kelly, the Old Trafford staff had to scrap the anthem at the very last moment because “the CD kept skipping”. With time running out before referee Gianluca Rocchi had to blow the whistle for kick-off, Old Trafford staff were left with no choice but to scrap plans to play the anthem.

And like many people on social media, we too have the exact same question.

Why are they still using CD players?

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