The current FIFA rankings are out and there are a lot of notable movements in the table. Both positive as well as negative.

Brazil has managed to regain the top spot on the FIFA rankings pushing their South American rivals Argentina to the second spot. Both Germany, as well as Chile, maintain their positions on the table. They are third and fourth respectively.

But the biggest shocker comes in the form of Netherlands who have fallen a shocking eleven positions and are currently ranked 32nd on the table. Their performances are getting dismal with every passing game and now their World Cup qualification also hangs in the balance. Netherlands have just won two out of their five matches in the qualification stage and are currently fourth in the group.

The other big fall notable fall is that of Uruguay. The South American team has fallen six positions and are currently 15th in the FIFA table.

But Indian football fans have plenty of reasons to rejoice with the new ranking. The men in blue are now in the 101st position. Indian football is going through a really good phase in the recent months and this is their best ranking in over 20 years.

The Indian team has really come of age under their English manager Stephen Constantine. Just two years ago the Indian team saw their lowest ranking at 173. The recent form and the new rankings have really boosted the confidence of both the team and the supporters. India’s last highest ranking was in the year 1996 when they were ranked 93 in the month of February. This was also the only time when the men in blue broke into the top hundred of the rankings.