Football Clubs React To Twitter’s 280 Characters – Man City’s Tweet Is Pure Gold


Twitter just rolled out their biggest ever update wherein the microblogging site has decided to increase the 140 character limit to 280 characters from now on. This update is applicable to every user – meaning that every other person can now express a bit more than they have been doing since 2006.

This extension of character limits has garnered mostly positive review from fans as well as footballing clubs.

Here are some of the first tweets from footballing clubs after the new upgrade was rolled out:

Along with the Twitterย update, Manchester United decided to make an update of their own:

But the United faithfuls did not take the change too well and the club swiftly decided to roll it back

Serie A side AC Milan were happy that they could finally mention all their achievements under one tweet:

Celtic bragged about their 63 matches domestic unbeaten streak

But undoubtedly the best Tweet under the 280 characters hashtag came from current Premier League leaders Manchester City

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