Manchester United without a shadow of a doubt are one of the biggest footballing clubs in the world and the Red Devils have a supporter base that can be matched by only a few clubs.

And with such a huge number of supporters you are bound to stumble upon a few uncanny and bizarre ones every now and then. Ones which will certainly give up a bit of a shiver. Manchester United have a long list of celebrity fans and it looks as if a new name has just been added to that list.

According to Italian senator, Antonio Razzi – the crazy North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a die hard fan of Manchester United. Yes, you heard that right. Razzi is a close friend of the ‘nuclear super-powered crackpot’ and he claims that Kim’s love for United is supreme – just like himself.

North Korean wonder kid Han Jwang-song – who is currently playing for Perugia in Italy’s second division, has been shocking many people with his talent. And Razzi believes that Han is just one of the many in a long line of talented footballers that will be coming out of the isolated country in the future.

While we can’t comment about the talent bit but Kim Jong-un’s love for Manchester United are sure to create a few ripples in world football.