Last week Paul Pogba made history as he became the first ever Premier League Player to get his own Twitter emoji.

To get the emoji one just has to tweet #Pogba as Pogba’s emoji will appear on the screen. This was confirmed by Paul himself after he posted a tweet confirming the news. “I am happy and thankful for this opportunity, ” he said. “Let’s have fun and kick some ass at #pogba.” This news comes days before United as set to play against arch-rivals Liverpool, where Pogba might play an important role in the midfield.

During the summer transfer window Pogba became the most expensive footballer in the world when Manchester United decided to sign him back in the summer for Juventus. After returning to Premier League, he took some time to settle down. United are on a nine game unbeaten streak, and Paul Pogba has been a very instrumental part of these wins.

The football pundits claim that Pogba’s improved performance has been due to to the fact that Mourinho has been playing Micheal Carrick alongside him. This has allowed Pogba to play more freely and get involved in more attacking moves.