By the looks of it, Diego Costa has declared a full fledged war against Chelsea boss Antonio Conte.

The Background:

As soon as the Premier League season came to an end Antonio Conte decided that he did not want Diego Costa at Chelsea from the next season. But the Italian coach chose a rather odd way to break the news to the Spanish International. Instead of speaking to him personally, Conte decided to send a text message to Costa.

Costa was told that his services were no longer required and he could move to a new club. This seemingly upset the striker and he decided to go public with it in a post-match conference during his international duty.

Costa decides to return the favour:

Diego Costa has now decided to return the favour back to his Chelsea boss in a unique way.

Costa decided to share an Instagram live video in which he was seen wearing an Atletico Madrid. This is a clear indication the 28-year-old has no intentions of returning back to Stamford Bridge. But things got really interesting when Chelsea teammate Cesc Fabregas decided to comment on the video.

And in reply to the comment, Diego Costa replied, “Give Conte a hug.”

The Football Fan Base view:

After this Instagram post, it’s more or less sure that Costa is never wearing that blue of Chelsea again. And by the looks of it, he will be returning back to his old club Atletico Madrid. But with a transfer embargo on Deigo Simeone’s side, Costa will have to wait it out until January before he could sign a contract with the club.