Kylian Mbappe might be just 18, but as of today, he is the hottest prospect in the footballing world. It looks like every big team wants to sign this talented youngster. And some clubs might have just crossed the line in doing so.

Mbappe had a wonderful last season with Monaco and announced himself on the world stage with a lot of flamboyancy. And ever since the season has ended clubs like Real Madrid, PSG, Arsenal, and Manchester City have all been trying to persuade the player to join their club.

But it looks as if Monaco are clearly not happy with the way that some “important” teams have been going about the said business. The French club is infuriated with the fact that these clubs have been using unlawful means to tap into Kylian Mbappe.

And it has frustrated them to such a level that they have requested FIFA to look into the matter.

Here’s what the statement read:

“AS MONACO regretfully notice that “important” European football clubs made contacts with Kylian Mbappé (and his entourage) without its authorization.

AS MONACO want to remind to these clubs that such actions are contrary to the article 211 of the Administrative regulation of the French Football League (Ligue de Football Professionnel) and to the article 18.3 of the Regulation of the Status and the Transfer of the Players of FIFA.

To put an end to this unacceptable situation, AS Monaco consider asking the French Football League (Ligue de Football Professionnel) and the FIFA to commit disciplinary procedures against clubs offenders.”

While reading into the official statement many sources have also claimed that Monaco have just requested FIFA to look into it. And the statement is not an actual notice.

As soon as the statement was released on AS Monaco’s official website everyone started pointing fingers at all the clubs that have been linked with Mbappe during the summer. But according to Bryan Swanson of Sky Sports the complain is allegedly against the conducts of Manchester City and PSG and it does not involve Arsenal.

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