As the Chelsea team lifted the trophy after being crowned the champions for the 5th time, the whole of Stamford Bridge was engulfed in celebrations. But perhaps every Blue supporter all around the world had tears in their eyes.

It was because their charismatic captain, John Terry had just played his final game in Chelsea colours. 717 appearances and 19 years later, Terry has finally hung up his boots. Atleast for Chelsea, that is. And Blues captain was given a fitting send-off by his teammates and all those in the Bridge.

Unlikely Guard of Honour:

Well, guard of honours are given either at the beginning of the match or at the end. But in a very well orchestrated moment, John Terry went off the pitch to standing ovations and a guard of honour in between the match.

It was the 26th minute of the match, same as John Terry’s number at the back of his shirt. And Conte decided to substitute his captain for one final time. But it was no ordinary substitution. As his number showed up on the board, the Chelsea players immediately formed a human lane to pay tribute to their departing captain.

The unusual mid-match honour could have given rise to a heated debate as many people thought that it the pre-planned movement could have been a golden scenario for gamblers. David Moyes also admitted to the fact that he and his Sunderland players were aware of the situation before the match started.

But it looks as if the Premier League is not going to take any strict action against the scenario as they seem quite relaxed about it.

What next for John Terry?

John Terry has for the whole of his life been a one club man. An achievement that is quite rare these days. But having retired from Chelsea, Terry has not yet called for retirement.

He stated a few weeks back that after the season he will sit down with his family and decide on his future. He might also go on to play for another football club if the right offer comes his way.

John Terry playing for another club? That seems a bit odd. But then, anything can happen.