This week Wayne Rooney scored his 250th goal for Manchester United and in doing so he breaks the long-standing record of Sir Bobby Charlton. We look back at his career and how a once promising young talent has today become a legend at Old Trafford.

Wayne Rooney arrived in Manchester with a lot of a talent and promise on his teenage shoulders. The English media had already dubbed the young man as the next big thing for England. But then, the British media has always had this thing of blowing things out of proportion. Many in England believed that the media was just too far-sighted and Roney will soon fade away just like many players before him.

More than a decade later, and every journalist who had ever praised Rooney during his teenage days will be walking around with dignity and a sense of pride. Simply because Rooney has given everything there is to give not only for his club and also for the country.

When he arrived at the doorstep of Sir Alex’s office, he was somewhat of a hothead who had problems controlling his frustration. 12 seasons later and he is someone who the players look up to. What a journey it has been for the Merseyside boy. He has managed to play with a couple of generations and shine with each of them.

He is the perfect example of what a team man should be. Always putting the team above everyone. And it is this attitude as to why he has lasted so long. Rooney has played in almost every attacking position possible. Winger, attacking midfielder, centre forward, holding midfielder. Name a position and Rooney has played there. Not because he wanted to but because his team needed it. He virtually played one whole season in midfield under Louis Van Gaal and never did he complain.

In the past decade, United have tried numerous partnerships up front and Rooney has been part of almost every duo or trio. He has managed to play alongside Ronaldo, Tevez, Berbatov, Zlatan, Van Persie, and quite a few more. And he managed to perform well with each and every one of them. A striker who plays with so many people is bound to have issues but somehow Rooney did not.

Well, you cannot call Rooney a striker anymore. He simply just adapts as per the needs of the match and his team. He was never a motor mouth, always doing his thing with calm and silence. And as Wayne scored his landmark goal during the weekend we couldn’t help but notice that while everyone else was celebrating, Rooney just wanted the ball back. And it is something that has been drilled into his mentality. By his former manager and players.

There will come a time when Rooney will hang up his boots. And maybe somewhere down the line, even his record will be shattered by someone else. But till then all we can do is stand up and applaud the genius of Wayne Mark Rooney.

Take a bow…!!!