Make or Break Player of the week – Aaron Ramsey


Aaron Ramsey has been on the periphery of English football for quite some time now. He began his professional career while at Cardiff; aged just 16. It was his adeptness on the ball that caught the eye of most managers. Sir Alex Ferguson even contacted them directly for his availability but couldn’t manage to table a reasonable deal for the Welshman as he was finally snapped up by Arsene Wenger. Being extensively scouted by two of the best managers in the game speaks about the massive potential he possessed.

After joining Arsenal; he’s had a ‘start-stop’ of a career. During his best days, he oozes class, often eliciting comparisons to David Beckham.  What is Ramsey bad at? Absolutely nothing. His major shortcoming in his career so far has been his tussle with injuries.

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All was smooth, all until a cold evening in Stoke-upon-Trent. Ramsey came out of a tackle by Ryan Shawcross with a broken foot; he had considerable damage on his tibia and fibula. Leg breaks are the worst in Football. The game revolves around efficient usage of your feet. An injury taken to any part of the body will lead to reluctance in indulging in the same activity that lead to its fracture.

For any footballer that has gone through the horrors of a leg break, rehabilitation is secondary; your resolve to tame your demons of the past holds primary importance.

After the leg break, Ramsey overcame the odds to come back stronger. He was better than where he left off; and the future seemed bright for him and Arsenal. But minor injury layoffs on a regular basis massively halted his growth.

He was a major contributor to Wales’ successful Euro campaign in France. Many hoped he’d get that form into the club scene too; but he only amassed 23 appearances in the league.

Now, into his 10th season at the club. He has to overcome his fitness hoodoos. He is being eased into the starting lineup by Arsene Wenger and did show bright sparks in the game at Stoke; but he needs to add consistency to his armour.

If he stays injury free, this could be the season where he hits personal heights and that would do wonders for Arsenal.