Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has gone on record to say that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will only be involved during the second half of the season. The big Swede signed a new one year contract with the club this week but the fact of the matter is that he is still recovering from the multiple ligament damages that he had suffered during the month of April.

Mourinho has revealed that Zlatan will only be fit to play from January of 2018 – in and around the transfer window. The Portuguese is delighted to have Zlatan on board and thinks that the new No 10 will serve as an extra man during the business end of the season.

Even though Ibrahimovic is still under rehabilitation, Mourinho just might name him in the club’s Champions League squad.

The United boss said, “He will be an extra man for us in the second part of the season. When I say second part of the season normally we say January, after Christmas, when the transfer window re-opens.

“But the right way is to just let him do his work , step by step and come back when he is really ready. I am really happy he is with us, it shows two things for me.”

“It shows me the dimension of the player and the dimension of the club.

“The dimension of the player is because it would be very easy for him to say goodbye and say it is enough after success at Manchester United and a big injury and goodbye.

“He doesn’t do that, he wants to follow his other dreams and play football at the highest level. It shows the dimension and personality of the player and shows the dimension of the club.”

“A club like Manchester United, in my opinion, has to show how big it is in details.

“A player who gets injured in a Manchester United shirt fighting for Manchester United, the club has to be there for him. I am really happy with both club and player.”

Talking about Zlatan inclusion in the Champions League squad, Mourinho said, “Zlatan will not be ready for the group stage of the Champions League. I don’t think there is any chance of that.

“But do we have space on the Champions League list to have him? Yes, we have. We don’t need to leave any player outside the Champions League list.

“But I am not thinking Zlatan will play any part in the group phase. Hopefully, he can play in the knock-out phase but for that, we need to finish top two.”