Manchester United left-back Daley Blind just made an embarrassing post on Instagram and suddenly the Dutch International has become the talk of the town.

United are currently in the United States for their pre-season tour and have already played the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid. Up next the Red Devils are scheduled to face Barcelona and it is during this match that Mourinho’s men will be debuting their third choice kit.

And Blind was one of the players that were asked to promote the shirt on his Instagram account. Daley probably received a message from his social media team asking him to post a photo of him wearing the third kit, and the 27-year-old did the same without even taking a look.

And as a result of that, he copied and pasted the whole message from his social media team including their request to put up the post.

Daley Blind

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As soon as he posted the picture it came to the notice of the United faithful and spread like wild fire. But Blind did not waste much time in deleting the picture and reposting a new one – this time with the correction.

Well, when you are called Daley Blind, you are bound to make such mistakes.

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