Zenit clarifies reports stating that Celtic FC will be targeted by gangsters in Russia


Celtic FC are all set to take on the Lvi(Lions) in the second leg of their Europa League on Thursday.

According to a British tabloid, Celtic FC fans will be targeted by gangsters posing as cops at Krestovsky Stadium. Zenit’s fans are reportedly furious and want to take revenge on Celtic FC as the Scottish outfit are one step forward from Zenit by winning the first leg by 1-0 at Celtic Park.

The tabloid has claimed that they have proof that the Foreign Office has urged supporters not to wear Celtic colours and to be wary of gangsters posing as cops.

Zenit’s English Twitter handle wrote: “Celtic fans please don’t listen to this, you will definitely receive a warm welcome from everyone in our city. Your FCO have published official advice on coming to the match and it has no mention of fake cops or gangsters.”

But slamming all these allegations, the Russian club has said it’s all fake, the people here are quite humble and they will take it sportingly and everyone will receive a warm welcome. The club also shared a government link on Twitter to make Celtic fans relief from the situation.