During an interview, Ki Sung-Yeung admitted that he enjoyed his days at Celtic FC under Neil Lennon, the then manager of The Hoops.

Ki said during the interview: “I had a very good relationship with him and to be fair I struggled a little bit when he first became manager of Celtic.

“After that, I learnt a lot about British football. It was a very good experience for myself and also with Neil Lennon.

“When I was a player he was a little bit angry and aggressive but he was a really good coach and he was a hero at Celtic. I miss him sometimes.”

The South Korean international spent around three seasons with Celtic, after which he moved to Premier League side Swansea City A.F.C back in 2012.

The midfielder struggled a lot at the beginning with Celtic FC but under Neil Lennon’s coaching he improved himself and scored 9 goals for Celtic in 66 appearances.

Lennon is currently managing Hibernian FC and he is hopeful of bringing back the club in the top fight as they are currently standing 4th in the league table.

As Ki Sung-Yeung’s contract with Swansea has entered it’s final few months, we are likely to see whether he goes for an extension with Swansea or moves out elsewhere.