Liverpool beat AFC Bournemouth at home on Saturday and Mo Salah once again put his name on the scoresheet. And a couple of the Liverpool players found this the apt moment to once again take a cheeky little dig at Harry Kane.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks then you must have heard about Harry Kane and his desperation to win the Golden Boot trophy at the end of the season.

It all started when the Lilywhites appealed to the Premier League to award a goal scored by Christian Eriksen to Harry Kane during the club’s 2-1 victory against Stoke City.

The decision did raise a lot of eyebrow from fans and players alike but all hell broke loose when the Premier League decided to reverse their judgment and award the goal to Harry Kane.

After this Harry Kane was not only the subject of banter from fans but even a lot of well-renowned players raised eyebrows over the verdict.

Now it seems that after every goal, someone is trying to make a mockery out of the English International.

Recently it was Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin who made a comment which indirectly referred to Harry Kane and his arguments that he had got the final touch on the ball during the Eriksen goal.

And now Liverpool’s James Milner and Lori Karius have hit a few shots at the Spurs striker.

Milner tweeted: “Another hat-trick for Mo today…. just waiting for the other two to be confirmed by the claims panel”

Then it was time for Liverpool’s No 1 Karius who said: “Job done.  Congratulations to @22mosalah for the Hattrick. Just waiting on confirmation for the other 2 goals.”

For the people who are confused, here’s some context.

The Reds did, in fact, score three goals past AFC Bournemouth on Saturday and each of them was scored by three different players – Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino.

It looks like the goal reversal voodoo is stuck with Harry Kane for a long time.

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