Jose Mourinho Spurs
Jose Mourinho

Manchester United are in turmoil to say the least.

The club have lost two out of their three games during the new Premier League season and many believe that if the Red Devils fail to win their game on Sunday then Jose Mourinho will be shown the door – asap.

And while every other former Manchester United player is busy bashing Jose Mourinho and his tactics, Phil Neville has come out in support of the United boss.

According to Phil Neville, the actions of Mourinho somehow reminds him of former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

As per Neville Jr, Ferguson was famous for facing the media wrath all by himself in order to shield his players and Jose Mourinho is also doing something similar to that during the past couple of weeks.

Talking to the BBC, Neville said: “There were times when Sir Alex Ferguson took the pressure off us as players.

“All the focus is on Jose because he is taking the battering at the moment. That is a sign of a courageous manager that doesn’t throw his players under a bus and is protecting them.

“There are players in that Manchester United dressing room that probably know that they can be playing better but he is not criticising them publicly at the moment,

“He is actually taking the hits for them. As a young manager, that’s something that I am looking at and thinking ‘that’s something that I would like to do for my players’.”

Last season Jose Mourinho was cynical of bashing a number of his players in the public glare – the biggest example of which was Luke Shaw. And even during the pre-season tour, Mourinho lashed out at Anthony Martial for taking an extended break after the birth of his child.

Since that second incident, Jose Mourinho’s behaviour has gone downhill where he has repeatedly lashed out at the media but not once has he spoken ill about one of his players.

But then it’s the ‘Special One’ – things can change within a flash.

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