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FIFA are set to introduce a new rule regarding transfer and loan policies which will severely impact the business of every club.

The governing body of football have been pondering over the rule of putting a cap on the maximum number of players that a club can send out on loan each year and now it seems the rule can come into effect as early as 2020-21.

According to The Times, “FIFA’s proposals to reduce the number of players that clubs can send out on loan have been ratified. World football’s governing body has told clubs that it will introduce the new limit from the start of the 2020-21 season.”

This basically means a club will not be able to hold onto to vast pools of young talents and send them out on loan spells each season.

As per the new rule, FIFA will allow a team to send out any number of players between six to eight each season.

This decision when it comes into effect will surely cause a significant amount of problems for each and every club.

Big club will be forced to sell:

European powerhouses are known to pool young talents and send them out to man up with other clubs up until they are ready to get back into action for the home club.

But with this rule, big cubs will be forced to sell off young talents primarily because no youngster would want to rot with the academy without seeing professional action.

Chelsea are perhaps the biggest benefactors of this loan system as the Blues currently have 39 players out on loan to various clubs but once this new rule comes into effect the Stamford Bridge outfit will find it really hard to hold onto players.

Manchester United are pretty close that proposed cap with 13 players current spread around Europe on loan spells.

Manchester City are another club who will be heavily affected by the new rule since they now have around 26 odd players out on loan.

Small clubs will see a talent crisis:

Small clubs such as Rangers, Celtic and Newcastle heavily defend on players who arrive at the club on loan spells from various parts of Europe.

But with this new rule from FIFA these clubs will also be in a huge crisis because one other part of the rule suggests that not more than two players can be loaned out to one single club.

For example, Rangers FC currently have three players who are on loan at Ibrox from Liverpool.

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