Lionel Messi Argentina
Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona

Diego Maradona has easily been one of the most controversial figures during the 2018 World Cup and the former Argentina legend is at it again.

This time though, instead of pointing his middle finger, Maradona has pointed his daggers towards the Argentinian team and Lionel Messi.

After Argentina’s humiliating exit from the 2018 World Cup, Diego Maradona has a thing or two to say about the Barcelona forward and also the Albiceleste.

Maradona said: “I saw him very isolated, far away from the box,

“I said that if he played as a No 9 and had to go looking for the ball, piece the game together, set the goals up and score them.

“It seemed we were talking more about Patoruzú than about Lionel Messi.

“It was already predicted in the build-up. We knew after we left Moscow that Pavon, Messi and Di María were the ones who were going to attack the French defence, yet I don’t think they know a lot about the box, penalty spot or putting pressure on the centre-backs,

“Yes, they know how to create, but they’re not strikers.

“I think we went to the cinema more than the field because we came to see the chronicle of a death foretold.

“It’s true because Argentina inadvertently went out to attack France but made the mistake of leaving a lot of room for Mbappe.”

Argentina’s exit was easily one of the more embarrassing ones this tournament especially given their heroic fightback during their final group game against Nigeria.

On the other hand, being the footballing legend that he is, we would have loved to see Diego Maradona praise the French team for once instead of just bashing Lionel Messi and co.

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