Eden Hazard to Real Madrid
Eden Hazard - Chelsea

The 2018 World Cup was scheduled to be the tournament of either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi after going through a series of disappointing international tournaments.

But come the Round of 16 and both Argentina and Portugal have been knocked out of the World Cup and that too in quite embarrassing fashion.

Messi’s side was humiliated by France in a 4-3 defeat whereas Portugal was dismantled by Uruguay 2-1.

Ronaldo and Messi were definitely two of the most talked about footballers in the tournament and now that both of them have gone back home, the excitement around the tournament is sure to dip a bit.

Apart from that, the exit of both Argentina and Portugal also means a big thing in terms of the fortune of the other remaining clubs – especially Belgium.

And Belgium captain, Eden Hazard has just underlined this statement by saying: “It’s good for us, but a pity for them,” 

“When you love football you want to see the best players.

“However, when you’re competing you want them to go out, so you have a better chance of success yourself.”

“This is the time, it’s now or never for this generation to shine,

Belgium are better than in 2014 and 2016. We have more experience.”

The comments from Eden Hazard might seem a bit harsh but the exits of both Argentina and Portugal has directly benefited Belgium given the fact that they are scheduled to meet the winners of the France vs Uruguay game in the semi-finals – given that the Red Devils win their respective games too.

Belgium are scheduled to take on Japan during their Round of 16 game on Monday evening and if Roberto Martinez’s side manages to win that game then they will move forward and face the winners of the Brazil vs Mexico match.

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