Marcus Rashford Man United news
Marcus Rashford Man United

Manchester United have failed to pick a win yet again.

A couple of years ago, this statement would have been pretty hard to believe but right now this is a common sight for all the football fans around the world.

Jose Mourinho’s men put out yet another poor show this time away from home as they drew their game against Southampton 2-2.

But it could have been far worse for the Red Devils as they were 2-0 down within 20 minutes.

United had a mountain to climb but thankfully it was an academy lad who stepped up and provided the inspiration for the travelling team.

Marcus Rashford provided both the assists for Man United’s goals and he was easily the man of the match for many.

And that is why a lot of questions were raised when Jose Mourinho chose to take him off late in the second half.

The manager brought in Anthony Martial in place of the England international and most people questioned Mourinho about his doubtful decision.

Now though, Jose Mourinho has revealed that it was actually Marcus Rashford who wanted to come off.

“Fatigue, he was injured, he was asking to come out,” Mourinho said.

“It was not that kind of injury, some players with that kind of injury do not play for two weeks but Marcus, I am pretty sure will be fine for the next one.

“But it’s one kick here, one kick there, one fall here, one fall there. Fatigue, lots of running, lots of movement, 75 minutes and he was done and we tried then with Martial replacing him.

“With all respect to the dogs – because I love them – they are better than many men, is also a football expression that is not mine,

“Is from somebody much older than me. [It] means the people that are aggressive on the ball fights hard to recover the ball.

“I would say Marcus Rashford was a mad dog until he was very, very tired and with little problems. That appetite, that desire, that fire you have, you need that to recover the ball faster and to recover the ball higher on the pitch.

“I think the result is quite fair in spite of the fact we were more dominant in the game. They had a better start than us.

“We were in trouble, organising a defensive line with only one centre-back we tried to protect that weakness with playing three instead of two central defenders. It worked quite well, the goals we conceded were a direct free-kick and a good shot.

“But we needed to lose less balls in midfield and if you do that you have more continuity in attack.”

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