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Eric Cantona

After having a rough start to the 2018 World Cup, Brazil have managed to ride the storm and secure qualification to the quarterfinals by beating Mexico.

The South American side had a rocky start with Mexico taking the upper hand during the first quarter of the game but as soon as Brazil shifted gears it was all about Neymar.

The PSG star scored the first goal of the game breaking the deadlock int he 51th minute of the match and was involved in the second goal that was scored by Roberto Firmino – two minutes before the scheduled ninety minutes.

Mexico trying to win the game were forced to make a couple of attacking substitutions which helped Neymar – freeing up some space for him to manoeuvre. But what was not missing was the forward’s famous and outrageous reactions to being tackled.

During the course of the tournament, the Brazilian has been criticised from all quarters for his ‘play-acting’ and many famous people have bashed the most expensive player in the world of going down too easily.

But no critique can even come close to former Premier League legend Eric Cantona.

Cantona posted a video on social media where he absolutely ripped about Neymar.

First of all Eric Cantona placed a yellow suitcase on a table and then continued,

“This is my new luggage: I called it Neymar,

“Because of the colour, but mainly because of this: you barely touch it and it turns round and round for hours.

“By the way, Neymar, you are a great player and a great actor.

“But be careful with the continuity mistakes. If you’re hit on the right shoulder, you can’t be crying in pain holding your left cheek!”

Here’s the video:

This is easily one of the best banters to Neymar’s ‘play-acting’ that we have seen and trust us, they are many doing the rounds on the internet.

But keeping the raillery from Eric Cantona aside, Neymar was instrumental in Brazil’s victory over Mexico and after having a below average start to the tournament the PSG star is truly going into his own as the tournament progresses.

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