Neymar Brazil

Brazil successfully overcame the Mexico test in the Round of 16 of the World Cup and are now scheduled to face Belgium in the quarterfinals. And one person on whom all the limelight will be on is definitely Neymar Jr.

The PSG star had a very mediocre start to the World Cup but as the tournament has progressed Neymar has also been able to find his touch. But his performances are not the only thing that has improved during the tournament.

With each passing game, Neymar’s ‘play-acting’ has also shifted gears. So much so that now the Brazilian has become the unofficial meme master of the World Cup 2018.

Neymar has been accused by many people of reacting very dramatically to simple fouls which have made him the butt of all jokes.

First, it was Premier League legend Eric Cantona who decided to mock the superstar by comparing his diving antics with a suitcase.

And now American fast food joint, KFC has got in on the act.

KFC South Africa has released a video in wish they have clearly mocked Neymar and his rolling around on the pitch.

In this video, a player is seen on the receiving end of a tackle after which he starts rolling in pain.

And then he keeps rolling and rolling some more.

in a video which is clearly a sarcastic dig at Neymar, the so-called player in the video keeps on rolling out of the stadium, across the streets and straight into a KFC store.

Watch the video right here:

Oh, btw the video has been very cheekily titled Make a Meal of It.

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