Sadio Mane Liverpool
Sadio Mane Liverpool

Football has characters.

While some players want to be in the news by changing their hairstyles every week and driving around in expensive cars, there are a handful of players who wish to stay away from the limelight.

A number of players indulge in social and community service – no matter what their lifestyle is. But how many times do you see an A-lister Premier League star cleaning the bathroom?

Well, that is exactly what Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has done.

Yes, Liverpool’s heartthrob Sadio Mane spent a night cleaning the toilet of a local mosque.

Here’s the video:

At first, it was being said that Sadio Mane cleaned the toilet on the same night when Liverpool beat Leicester City in the Premier League.

Now though, it is unsure whether the video is from this weekend or from some time ago.

But what we are sure of is the fact that Sadio Mane is easily one of the most humble and down to earth footballers that you will ever come across.

Mo Salah who has some serious competition. Both on as well as of the pitch.

And finally, we would like to leave you with this tweet.

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