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Rangers FC have suffered their first defeat of the 2018-19 season last weekend when they lost the Old Firm Derby 1-0 to Celtic.

And now it seems one of their former greats might have landed himself in a heap of trouble.

Paul Gascoigne who has spent some glittering seasons with the likes of Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur was videoed singing controversial chants during a supporters event.

Gascoigne, 51 was seen holding the mic and belting out Tina Turner’s hit Simply the Best infront of a large audience.

And everything until this point was perfect but then some fans decided to add the line, ‘F*** the Pope and the IRA’.

But to everyone’s surprise, Paul Gascoigne chose not to object to the chants but instead joined in on the sectarian lyrics.

One supporter who was present in the crowd chose to shoot the whole incident and then upload it on social media.

And as soon as it was posted on Twitter the former Gers legend was the centre of all the debates.

A large number of fans chose to bash the midfielder for not putting an end to the sectarian lyrics while others came out in support of the former Spurs man.

Paul Gascoigne started his youth career at Newcastle United where he spent three senior years before moving to London to join Tottenham Hotspur. At White Hart Lane, the midfielder played 112 games during the course of four seasons winning the FA Cup in 1991.

But clearly, Gascoigne’s brightest time as a footballer came during his spell at Rangers FC where he managed to win two Premiership titles, one Scottish Cup and one Scottish League Cup.

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