Kylian Mbappe won the first ever Trophee Kopa earlier this week in France capping off a fine year.

Mbappe is currently the best youngster that world football has to offer and even at £166million, he seems to be a bargain deal.

For those of you who do not know, Arsene Wenger actually tried to sign the youngster back in 2017 for Arsenal but Kylian Mbpappe instead chose to join PSG from his then club AS Monaco.

Ever since joining the Paris outfit, things have only gotten better for the 19-year-old with the pinnacle being the World Cup win in Russia this summer.

But now speaking about Arsene Wenger, Kylian Mbappe said:

“He[Arsene Wenger] is a real French football monument who has left Arsenal. I have not seen many people in this world being viewed in such a unanimous way.

“When the entirety of Europe gets on its knees in front of him to celebrate him, that certainly means something.

“A little while ago, before I signed for PSG, we were in contact in 2017. I chose a different direction but he wasn’t annoyed at me. He was a gentleman about it and wished me good luck.

Apart from Wenger, Mbappe also has another connection to Arsenal now that his former PSG boss Unai Emery is managing the Gunners.

And talking about the Spaniard, Kylian Mbappe has revealed that he follows Arsenal because of Unai Emery.

“I do not forget that he helped me adapt to this big team, which was not easy,

“I have a lot of respect for this man even if he did it not succeed in Paris. He won titles before and I hope he wins them again after. I sent him a congratulatory message when he signed for Arsenal, and now, I am following from afar.

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