David De Gea
David de Gea Man United

Spain’s new prime minister Pedro Sanchez delivered a motivational speech to the Spanish national side before they start their FIFA World Cup campaign next week in Russia.

But it seems like not everyone in the Spanish squad was happy with the prime minister.

After Sanchez finished his speech, every player present there was seen applauding the Prime Minister.

Everyone except David de Gea who stood there with hands in his pocket.

This attitude from the Spain and Manchester United No 1 has surely stemmed down for the sexual assault allegations that were pressed against the shot-stopper a couple of years ago.

Back in 2016 right before the Euro 2016 began De Gea was accused of setting up a meeting between two women and two Spain Under-21 players which led to a sexual assault at a hotel in Madrid.

De Gea was quick to claim that he had no involvements in the assault and the investigation against him was subsequently dropped due to lack of evidence.

But right after David was named in the case, Spain’s newly appointed prime minister Pedro Sanchez had made a couple of harsh statements against the United No 1.

Sanchez said: “I don’t feel comfortable seeing De Gea in goal for Spain right now,

“Of course, there is innocence until guilt is proven but I put myself on the side of the victim.”

Spain kick off their World Cup campaign on 15th of June when they take on Portugal in the Group B encounter.

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