UEFA Champions League Liverpool
UEFA Champions League

UEFA – the governing body of football is finally set to follow in the footsteps of FIFA.

UEFA have announced that from the 2018-19 season, they will allow a fourth substitution during the European games.

FIFA has been allowing the use of an additional fourth substitute during the 2018 edition of the World Cup if the games get into extra time and now UEFA are also doing the same.

If the European games get into extra time during the knockout stages the teams which be allowed to bring in a fresh pair of legs.

Another major change that has been brought in by UEFA is the use of electronic communication which directly relates “to player welfare or safety, or for tactical/coaching reasons.”

UEFA released a statement on their official website which read:

“A series of amendments to football’s Laws of the Game are coming into force immediately in various UEFA competitions.

“The amendments, sanctioned by football’s lawmakers, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), concern the number of substitutions; additional substitutions if a match goes into extra time; the maximum number of substitutes that can be listed on the match sheet; the number and location of additional technical seats; and use of electronic communication in the technical area.

An additional substitute will be permitted in the following UEFA competitions (a maximum of three substitutions during normal playing time will still apply)

• UEFA Champions League 2018/19

 UEFA Europa League 2018/19

• UEFA Super Cup 2018

• UEFA Women’s Champions League 2018/19

• UEFA European Football Championship 2018–20

• UEFA European Women’s Championship 2019–21

• UEFA Regions’ Cup 2018/19

Apart from the following tournaments, UEFA have also announced that they will allow the extra substitution in the UEFA Youth League as well as youth European international football next season.

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