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Pep Guardiola Man City

Last season Manchester City’s team bus was attacked by Liverpool supports while they were en route to Anfield and this incident caused a massive uproar in the media.

Bottles and smoke bombs were hurled at the Manchester City’s team bus by Liverpool fans standing on the road leaving the visitors furious with the actions of the Merseyside police.

And they had every right to be angry since even after a number of high profile meetings with the authorities the police were unable to catch even a single person citing reasons that there was not enough evidence to nab anyone.

And speaking about the incident Pep Guardiola said: “Liverpool should be upset, not me. The police knew it before it happened. Now they know it, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“The best way is when people arrive at the stadium, they go into it and enjoy a game of football,

“The fans are going in there to watch the game. I would like the police to be at home at 4.30 with their families, drinking a beer, and enjoying the show. That depends on the Liverpool people, not Manchester City.”

Now though, Man City are taking extra precautions and have installed 15 spy cameras on Manchester City’s team bus – as per reports.

The camera have the capabilities of rotating 360 degrees and the controller will also have the option to zoom in on any particular subject.

The attack on Manchester City’s team bus happened last April during a Champions League game but this time around the authorities in Merseyside are taking extra precautions to ensure the match takes place peacefully.

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