Roberto Firmino Brazil Liverpool
Roberto Firmino Brazil Liverpool

Since the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid took place in Kiev a couple of weeks back, Sergio Ramos has been the subject of various insults and allegations.

Liverpool forward Mo Salah was on the receiving end of a harsh Sergio Ramos tackle which cut short the Egyptian’s appearance in the final and now reports are surfacing that Liverpool keeper Loris Karius also suffered a concussion due to the Spain centre-back.

Up until now, Ramos has been trying to defend himself by putting up a brave face infront of the media but with each passing day, the defender’s statements are turning weirder.

Recently when Ramos was quizzed about Karius’ concussion he tried to make a sarcastic remark by involving Roberto Firmino in it.

Ramos said: “I am only missing Roberto Firmino saying he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him,”

This statement immediately caught the attention of the Liverpool fans who were raged about the centre-back’s arrogance.

And when Firmino himself was asked to give a response, his reply was short but effective.

While talking to the press, Firmino said: “I prefer not to make any comments, I think he has a view because he was the champion but I thought he was an idiot for what he said but that’s okay.”

Salah’s injury cast a shadow over the forward’s involvement in the World Cup for Egypt but now it finally looks like he will be fit in time to feature for the African nation.

And ever since Karius’ concussion news has sprouted up, Liverpool fans have been thinking that the goalkeeper’s howlers during the finals night in Kiev might have been due to the concussion.

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