Manchester United and Arsenal played out a feisty encounter on Wednesday at Old Trafford with the match ending 2-2.

Many feel the result was a fair one for both the sides due to the very open nature of the game.

But there is no denying that it was Arsenal who had the more chances of winning the game but it was one way or the other that the Gunners were kept being denied.

The first half ended 1-1 and the first 45 minutes belonged largely to Manchester United. But many believed that Arsenal would come out of the blocks much quicker in the second half given their recent run of good form.

And when second-half substitute Alexandre Lacazette did manage to score Arsenal’s second half, it was deemed as a foul by the referee.

To give you more context here’s what had happened.

David De Gea was about to launch the ball upfield and was holding it with one hand. That is when Alexandre Lacazette decided to be cheeky and headed the ball off the keeper’s hand onto the ground and then into the back of the net.

But the referee blew the whistle instantly and the striker’s celebration was cut short.

While many questioned the referee’s decision on giving it away as a foul but it was former referee Phil Dowd who actually explained why the foul was given.

“The law has changed, I don’t know when,” Phil Dowd told BT Sport.

“He is considered to be in control of the ball when he has it in both hands, one hand, his outstretched hand or between any other surface.

“He has the ball in his hand, he is in control at all time and cannot be challenged. Therefore the foul was given.”

Shortly after this everyone thought Alexandre Lacazette had gotten his goal when he put the ball past David De Gea.

But the Premier League chose to award this goal to Marcos Rojo – branding it as an own-goal.

And the Arsenal striker was visibly displeased by it.

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