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England fans

England’s win against Sweden was a historic day for the team as well as the fans, given the fact the Three Lions would be playing their first World Cup semi-final since 1990.

Southgate’s side had a comfortable victory on Saturday with a 2-0 win and the fans were ecstatic with the win. But unfortunately, some of the fans took the celebrations a bit overboard.

Before the start of the 2018 World Cup, we had reported that the British government had confiscated the passports of more than a 1000 England fans thus preventing them from travelling to Russia.

The British authorities feared that the hooligans might have caused a ruckus in Russia but what the authorities failed to gaze is that such rubbish people will be a nuisance no matter where they are.

After England’s triumph over Sweden, a number of people vandalised properties across England in the name of celebrations.

As Southgate’s side were catapulted to the World Cup semi-final, it seems as if an adrenaline rush had hit the people of England.

Here are some crazy incidents that have been reported after England’s victory over Sweden.

1. The first major incident took place at IKEA where some England fans got in to celebrate their country’s victory in a rather wild fashion.

2. England fans then went on a rampage across the streets of London and tore down into an ambulance which was left unattended by the driver as he was attending to an emergency in the vicinity.

3. Several incidents of smoke bombs being shots at pubs were also reported.

4. England Fans blocked the roads which brought traffic to a standstill in various parts of the country.

5. There were also numerous instances where fans jumped onto the top of cars and some women even went to the lengths of flashing at the onlookers.

After Japan were knocked out of the World Cup we saw the Japanese fans cleaning their part of the stadium people they exited and even the Japanese team decided to clean up their dressing room.

And here we look at some of the England fans who have chosen to vandalize their own country’s properties.

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