Jose Mourinho on Liverpool
Jose Mourinho - Man United manager

Jose Mourinho is box office.

The Man United boss might be one of the best and most respected managers in world football but everyone will agree that deep down inside he has a mean streak.

A streak which comes out every time he gets his long sought after revenge.

And such was the case when Man United came back from 1-0 down to beat Juventus 2-1 in Turin.

After the final whistle when every United player was busy celebrating, Jose Mourinho walked onto the pitch and chose to mock the Juventus supporters inside the stadium by holding his hands beside his ears as if to say;

Sorry, I cannot hear you.

And this action from Mourinho has turned the spotlight on to him once again with many people claiming that Jose Mourinho should be punished.

Mourinho has himself come out to say that he lost his cool and shouldn’t have acted that way.

But amongst all this, the Man United boss came a reply which has even his fiercest rivals jumping in admiration.

After the game, a reporter asked Jose Mourinho about his actions by saying that a number of Juventus players were upset with what he did.

And to this the United boss replied:

“Do you understand Italian? Ask the FA and they will translate for you.”

Mourinho clearly took a sly dig at the Football Association and we believe this has something to do with the fact that the FA recently announced they will be challenging a verdict which saw Mourinho escape punishment for his swear words during a game vs Newcastle.

And this action from Jose Mourinho has even the fiercest rivals applauding for him.

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