Fernandinho Man City news
Fernandinho Man City

Five-time World Cup winners Brazil were knocked out of the tournament after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Belgium and now the Brazilian fans seem to have taken their disappointment to a whole new level.

Belgium won the match, 2-1 thanks to a superb strike from Kevin de Bruyne and an own goal from Fernandinho.

And ever since that own goal, Fernandinho has been the target of many Brazilian fans.

Reports have emerged that the Manchester City midfielder has been a subject of racial abuses from the Brazilian fans and his family has also received death threats.

The situation has gotten so out of control that Fernandinho’s mother had to deactivate her Instagram account because she was constantly receiving offensive comments.

Now though, the Brazil Football Federation (CBF) has decided to intervene by standing beside Fernandinho.

The Federation posted a message on Instagram saying: “The CBF repudiates the racist attacks suffered by the player @fernandinho and their relatives,

“Football represents the union of colors, genres, cultures and peoples.

“We are with you. Racists will not pass! #AllIguals #Brazilian Selection #SayNoToRacism #GigantesPorNatureza”.

The CBF replies to the Brazil fans' racist comments
The CBF replies to the Brazil fans’ racist comments

Such things are unheard from Brazilian supporters who have always shown grace when it comes to supporting their national team but now it seems that their patience has been scraped down to a minimum.

But the most startling thing is while everyone is busy blaming Fernandinho they have failed to realize that it is the whole team that was a flop during the 2018 World Cup.

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